Welcome to KKSD dance family!

KKSD was founded in 2014 by Karina Melikyan. She started a small Armenian dance group, which had their first performance (Shalakho and Kochari) in ACAWA. It hit a big success, so following the debut the school expanded and performed at a number of events by ACAWA, KDC and at Mark Twain elementary school.

Today KKSD is delighted to offer a set of diverse dance techniques and styles, ranging from classical ballet to character dances, from tot-ballet for 3 year old kids to adult Salsa and Bachata classes. We offer classes of classical ballet, Armenian, character dances for kids and teenagers, as well as conditioning ballet for adults.

Another big passion of Karina are Latin dances, being an active member of Latin dance scene in Seattle and participating in many events and competitions Karina is looking forward to share her passion and is working on expanding the offering of KKSD to Latin and ballroom dances in nearest future.

On top of that we also provide private classes to hone your skills in ballet, Salsa, Bachata and many other styles!